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Visite du Stand Ames d'Afrique au Joburg Art Fair 2011 par Chris Dercon
(Directeur du Tate Modern, London)
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Galerie Ames d'AfriqueGalerie Ames d'AfriqueGalerie Ames d'Afrique






Born  January 1st 1975, in Maputo District, Maputo Province, Mozambique

Gonçalo Mabunda started his studies in 1982 in Maputo City, and now has an intermediate level from Josina Machel.

In 1992, he began working in the Associação Núcleo de Arte, Maputo, as a gallery assistant, and is currently working as the gallery manager. Also in 1992, he began to paint and in 1995 participated in Ujamaa IV, workshop as assistant to the South African artist Andries Botha. In 1996 he participated in a course of metal and bronze sculpture for 3 months at the Tecknikon of Natal.  Since 1997 he has been working full time as an artist.


2006 ‘Peace Camp’ Motevideo - Urugay

2002 ‘Semana da Francofonia’   (C.C.F. Mozambican) Maputo – Mozambique

2001‘Transforming Arms into Art’ (Art Nucleus) MaputoMozambique

2001 ‘Experience’ – Sharing workshop (Saskatoon) Saskatoon - Canada      

2000 ‘An artist, a gesture’ (Art Nucleus) MaputoMozambique

1999\2000 ‘Transforming arms into Art’ (Art Nucleus) MaputoMozambique

1998 ‘Transforming arms into Art’(Art Nucleus) MaputoMozambique

1997 ‘Dutch – Mozambican workshop’ (C.C.F.Mozambican) Maputo - Mozambique

1996 ‘Experience – sharing workshop (Tecknikon Natal) DurbanSouth Africa

1995 ‘Ujamaa IV workshop’Gate Fundation (Art Nucleus) MaputoMozambique


2008  Centro cultural Franco Moçambicano - Mozambique

2008  Afronova Gallery, JohannesburgSouth Africa

2005  Gallery La Nuvola, RomeItaly

2005  23 Gallery, Amsterdam - Netherlands        


2008   Mediations Biennale, Poland

2008   Duam Museum’’Afric’Art’’ (Quay Branly) Paris- France

2008   Artfair Basel, Basel - Switzerland

2008   Museum of art and Art Design, New York - EUA

2008   Museum Kunstbanken, Hamar Norway

2008   Gallery De Crescenzo&Viesti, Roma - Italy

2008  ‘AK-47 project, San SebastianSpain

2008   Museum National of Art, Arte e Animais, Maputo Mozambique

2008   C.C.Franco Mozambican, OFF Africaremix , Maputo Mozambique

2007   Anual Musart,National Museum, Maputo ‘ Mozambique

2007  ‘Brother in Arms, Núcleo de Arte, Maputo – Mozambique

         ‘Africaremix, Johannesburg Art Gallery, JohannesburgSouth Africa

         ‘Museum Het Domein, Netherlands

         ‘Centre Culturel de le Espate

         ‘Doors of the World’ Luxumburg

         ‘Museum Le memorial de caen, France

         ‘Afronism, Afronova Gallery’ JohannesburgSouth Africa

          ,Centro Cultural de Neumunster, Luxuburg

2006  ‘Africa remix’ Mori museum, Tokyo, - Japan

         ‘Bang bang, Museum of Saint Etienne, Saint Etienne – France

         ‘Bang Bang’ Museum international des Arts Modestes, France

         ‘ 9  Biennial, Havana – Cuba

         ‘ As Portas do Mundo’ C.C.F. Mozambican, Maputo – Mozambique

         ‘V Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

2005   ‘Africaremix Geoges Ponpidou Center, Paris – France

          Arm Museum, StockholmSweden

          ‘Africaremix, Hayward Gallery, London – Ingland

          ‘Istituto Galileo Galilei, Roma – Italy

          ‘Tempiefto del carmelo, Roma – Italy

          ‘Officina 14, Roma – Italy

          ‘As portas do Mundo’ Palacio D.Manuel, Evora – Portugal

2004   ‘Nostra aetate’ Dionysia Center, Roma – Italy

          ‘Africaremix’Museum Kunst Palast, Dusserdorf – German

          ‘Africa Festival’ Museum Capetolin, Roma – Italy

          ‘Forum Barcelona, Barcelona – Spain

          Army Museum Delft, DelftNetherlands

          Alliance Francese, Dar Es Salaam

          Alliance Francese, Maurice

          Alliance Francese, Nairob – Kenya

          Alliance Francese, Adisa Abeba – Ethiopia

          ‘Alliance Francese’ Cape townSouth Africa

          Alliance Francese’ Burundi

          Alliance Francese’ Djibut

          Alliance Francese’ Namibia

          Alliance Francese’ Uganda

          ‘Alliance Francese’ Culture Center Albert Camus,Antananarivo-Madagascar

          ‘Felix Foundation, (Niza) AmsterdamNetherlands

          ‘Marocos’ Casa branca – Marocos

          ‘Menso de le munde, Paris – France

2002   ‘Playtime, JohannesburgSouth Africa

          Dionsya Center, Roma – Italy

          ‘Oxo gallery, LondonEngland

2001   ‘International Conference for destruction of arms, New YorkUSA

          ‘Arm into Art, Vancouver, British ColumbiaCanada

          ‘Word wide Video festival film projection, AmsterdamNetherlands

2000   ‘Arm into Art, TorontoOntario - Canada

          ‘Arm into Art’ SaskatoonCanada

          ‘Arm into Art’ Moncton, New Brunswick - Canada         

          ‘Arm into Art’ Montreal, QuebecCanada

          ‘Arm into Art’ Winniped  Monitoba, Canada

1996   ‘Association of   Photography

1997   Durban Art Gallery, Llurbat,DurbanSouth Africa


2006    ‘Gala TV zine’ the best Mozambican artist

2010    VIII Premio Internaziole “Albatros” Italy


The Tropen Museum, AmsterdamNetherlands

Public Art Norway, Hamar - Norway

The province Government, Hamar - Norway

Army Museum, DelftNetherlands

Army Museum, Stockholm- Sweden

Museum of Vaticano, Vaticano – Italy

Projustitiae Fundation, Porto - Portugal

International Sculpture park, Changchum – China

National Museum of Uruguay, MontevideoUruguay

Tempieto del Carmelo,Nel cuore dell’ex guetto, Roma – Italy

Museum of Saint Etienne,Saint Etienne - France

Museum international des art modestes - France

Museum Le Memorial de Caen, France

National Museum, Maputo - Mozambique

Duam colection, Nince-France

Gonçalo’s work is also in numerous private collections in Mozambique, south Africa and Abroad



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